The Arcane side of Life

Life isn’t tied in with concealing agony, however developing from it.

Life isn’t about frustrations,
however anticipating nothing from anybody at the first place.

Life isn’t tied in with battling with yourself,
however figuring out how to remain settled.

Life isn’t tied in with pursuing your desires, yet attempting to procure every day bread by one way or another.

Life isn’t tied in with flaunting,
yet being more appreciative.

Life isn’t just about difficulties or trails,
yet showing you the significance of life.
— Malaika Wasim

Soulful breeze of the noon

Cool breeze crossing my mind,
Wrapping me around your thoughts.

Seeing my dreams settling on the waves,
Holding our future firmly tight.

A wave comes splashing over my foot,
Bracing myself and alluring my love.

Rich fresh air filled with your scent,
Whispering your secrets in my ears.

Inhaling the scent of your love with every breath I take,
Soul being weary with sorrow of losing the memories I’ve made.

All the waves; dancing with our love song,
Calling it a lovey-dovey.
— Malaika Wasim


I wish I could yell so uproarious,
In a way that you never hear it.

I wish I could never feel this gloomy,
So you never observe my tears trickling.

I wish I could hold your hand forever,
without the dread of losing you.

I wish I could flee until this point,
And you would never be aware of it.

I wish I could see you moving on in life,
In a way I never existed.

Yet I wish you would ache for affection,
And would always recall my face in remembrance.

I wish you would eventually want the adoration,
and sense the wounds you’ve given me.

I wish it was just a dream and not true,
So this space in heart was never created.

— Malaika Wasim

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I’ll be mapping my life experiences without the fear of being judged.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton